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From time-to-time 'first person' accounts of workplace bullying incidents are required for research purposes, and in the production of articles. If there is sufficient distance between you and a past workplace bullying incident, and you feel comfortable about relating your own personal experience about bullying in the workplace - consider forwarding your story to Know Bull!

Not all people relate their workplace bullying encounter the same way. Where some write their story in as few words as they can...others have the need to say a lot more. At Know Bull! we understand the 'why'. However, both 'methods', whether brief or lengthy, bear testament to the 'damage' workplace bullying inflicts on those who have encountered it in their workplaces.  

The following are true  accounts of what's happening in many workplaces.  How do we know these accounts are true? Good question! We know these are true accounts - based on the 'contents'. All workplace bullies use certain 'tried and tested' tactics...they follow a particular pattern...and they possess identifiable 'traits'.  The 'types' of behaviours they use to 'bully' may vary...but  the overall 'goals' are pretty much the same: avoid detection of being found 'inadequate', and 'remove the threats' that pose possible 'detection'. Added to that is a 'propensity' to achieve these goals by whatever 'means' deemed 'necessary'...which translates into using behaviours that fall outside  what would normally be considered as socially, morally, or legally acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

To protect those who have taken the time to record their account from bully retribution, Know Bull! changes the names in these workplace bullying encounters. These accounts have also been cleared for publication by the original author. 

Know Bull! has added their own content/comment in red so that those reading these workplace bully encounters will see the 'identifiable' traits and tactics that workplace bullies employ.

Notes for submitting Your Story

1.  Try to keep Your Story under 1,000 words
2.  Where necessary, stories may be edited for length, and to remove personal details. 
3.  Contributors to this page can also include a 'nickname' to protect their privacy.
4.  Prior to submitting your story please complete our Release for Publication.
5.  Submit your story as an attachment, and your completed 'Release for Publication' in the body of the email.

PLEASE NOTE: The workplace bullying stories on this website have been pre-approved by their authors for use by news and other outlets. Since workplace bullying invariably causes a great deal of emotional stress and trauma to workplace bully 'targets' - Know Bull! requests and appreciates that information gleaned from submitted stories, for the purpose of publishing elsewhere, be treated with the utmost integrity, including retaining the original 'intent' and context of the information provided by the authors.

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