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Workplace Bullying Story 2: The HR Bully

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'The HR Bully': False accusations, Intimidation, Threats
Submitted by: 'Lennox', Oct 2013 


Story Content (Know Bull! notes in red

1. HR ineffective in dealing with workplace bullying (strange, but true. HR's role is to protect the organisation, not the employee.)

2. 'Forcing' staff from the organisation (this is one of the primary 'goals' of a bully i.e. 'remove' those individuals that pose a 'threat' to the bully. These individuals have the potential to expose the bully as being 'inadequate' in their role. Bullies who make a 'habit' of forcing staff from the workplace are known as 'Serial' bullies)

3. Threats about job security (a well-used bully 'tactic', and a 'smokescreen'. as per #2)

4. Official 'reprimand' (this tactic is predominantly used as a precursor to the bully 'ambush', where under the guise of a 'performance review' the bully attempts to get the target to agree (and often sign statements) to certain 'behaviour/task-related modicifations'. Sometimes used as a tool of 'revenge' i.e. 'flexing' of managerial muscles.)
5. The official 'reprimand' is always followed with bully 'retribution' (in order for the bully to remove the 'perceived threat' from the organisation...they need to crank it up a few notches with each encounter. Remember, one of the the primary goals is to force the 'threat' to leave...or 'push' them out company with the help of HR and others who have been 'coerced' into mobbing.)
6. Threats and intimidation (as per #2. These are well-used bully 'tactics', and 'smokescreens')

7. Inability to 'focus', and 'dread'. (Workplace bullying always takes its toll - both emotionally, and physically.)

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