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Workplace Bullying Story 1: Nightmare HR Company

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Nightmare HR Company: Micro-managed, sexually harassed, and covertly followed
Submitted by: Nicole Brennan, Sept 2013 


Story Content (Know Bull! notes in red

1. Discouraged from using own initiative in workplace (first sign that the workplace bully is not adequate for the role they occupy i.e. an inadequate 'fraud'. Also see Quick Summary of Previous Poll: "Workplace Bullies engage in bullying because...")

2. Micromanaged (bully 'control' issues i.e. bully lacking appropriate management skills = 'inadequate' for the job)

3. Outdated/non-existent technology in workplace
4. Overt racism and sexism in workplace (wherever a bully exists, so too will 'deviant', 'legal', and 'morally questionable' behaviours exist) 

5. Staff subject to false accusations (a 'tactic' used by workplace bullies to create a 'smokescreen' i.e. while staff attention is diverted 'away' from the bully - the bully's inadequacy is shielded from 'detection')

6. Refusal to pay staff entitlements on leaving workplace (as per #4)

7. High staff turnover (an outward sign that there's a possible workplace bully 'at work')

8. Oppressive/unhappy vibe in workplace ('unhappy' workplaces are the result of un-addressed workplace bullying)

9. Staff directed to sign threatening and libelous emails...refusal equals retribution (as per #4)

10. Ongoing sexual harassment (as per #4)

11. Outward 'signs' of anxiety begin manifesting (un-addressed workplace bullying will always...100% of the time...have a negative effect on the health and well-being of staff)
12. General staff 'monitoring' and 'reporting' other senior management (a sign of 'mobbing'...where a bully coerces others into perpetrating bully behaviours on others. Also an indication of a systemic failure within the organisation)
13. Continuation of false accusations 
14. Harassment and intimidation escalates, threats become frequent (as per #4)

15. Repeated bully 'ambush' situations (another 'smokescreen' tactic...also designed to reinforce the bully's perception of their 'fitness/superiority' to occupy the role they hold. Also designed to keep the 'target' off-balance. The bully 'ambush' is generally done under the 'guise' of a 'performance review', where the bully attempts to get the target to agree (and often sign statements) to certain 'behaviour/task-related modicifations'. There is ALWAYS a THREAT associated with NOT agreeing to sign i.e. instant dismissal, pay cut, loss of entitlements, change in job title, responsibilities reduced, etc. The goal of the bully in this instance is to 'remove' the target from the workplace using the '3 strikes' technique. Of course, the target will then experience greater 'work sabotage' i.e. resources to do the job will vanish, or tasks will be repeatedly changed i.e. the goal posts will keep moving. These types of 'signed statements' are engineered for the bully target to 'fail'. Removal from the workplace is then a matter of course - the target is removed for failing to meet targets, under-performance, or other similar statement. This is 'why' the workplace bully levels fabricated 'under-performance' acccusations at the target...they use a legitimate tool of business (the performance review), to carry out their own personal war against their 'targets'.  This coincidentally (being removed from the workplace due to a 'sub-par' performance review), is why Know Bull! believes the Australian National Anti-Bullying Laws, which came into effect 1 Jan 2014, will ultimately fail  targets of workplace bullying).
16. Outward signs of stress, depression, suicidal ideation (these are the 'red flags' that the workplace bullying is out of control)
17. Bully feigns 'victimhood' (a well-used 'tactic' of workplace bullies when they are called on to explain their 'actions', or when they feel 'cornered'. Also a 'smokescreen' tool. Bullies often claim that it's actually they who are the target of workplace bullying!)

18. Bully sabotage, increase in undermining and humiliating staff member (tactics used by bullies to deliberately FORCE workers from the workplace...citing 'inability to perform one's job' as the justifiable 'reason')

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