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School Kids' Zone: Anti-Bullying Resources suggested by School Children


While working on their research reports about technology's negative effects on society, a number of students from the Colonial Academy came up with a clever idea to share their research. They asked if they could add the resources they found to this web page simply because they want other kids to learn to be safe when using technology. So, here's some additional links provided courtesy of Mrs. Baranowski's 7th Grade Technology Class:

**Parents-Quick Cyber-Safety Tips** (Courtesy of Mrs. Baranowski):
1. Make sure your child does not spend all of his/her time on the computer. People, not computers, should be their best friends and companions.
2. Teach them never to meet an online friend offline unless you are with them.
3. Teach them what information they can share with others online and what they can't (like telephone numbers, address, their full name and school)

While researching for their Cyberbullying project, Mrs Lupinski's 5th Grade class at Lexington Middle School in Massachusetts recommended the following link:

Know Bull! thanks Miss Davis' Girl Scouts in Seattle, who suggested another link they found while researching their community project on bullying:

The children from Morrow Community Center have found an important topic to cover and spread awareness about, and have recommended the following resource: 

A big 'thank you' to the kids in the Internet Safety group at SafeKidsUSA who found this great resource explaining what cyberbullying is and how to prevent it:

Know Bull! thanks Kendal for sending us the link for this great page on cyber safety and laws: We're sure that other children will find this web page just as informative as Kendal did.

'Thank you' to the kids from The Brenham Community Center in Texas. They've been working a project about bullying and have recommended a link to help other visitors to our website:

Alaina is planning on starting an anti-bullying coalition at her school this fall and wanted to let other children know about another helpful webpage: We're glad you found Know Bull's resources helpful, Alaina...and thank you for sharing your very informative link!

'Thank you' to Sleek Wristbands for developing their very informative 'Bullying & Cyberbullying Awareness' website resource:

Many thanks to Lisa R who wanted to 'give back' to the anti-bullying community by providing a couple of excellent online resources for parents and others using the Know Bull! website. Lisa's links are to NetAware, which looks at the safety aspects of popular social networking sites kids visit, and Ozicare's 'Digital Safety for Kids' online resource that provides "simple and effective steps" for parents who'd like to know 'how to' handle given bullyng/online risks that their children may encounter.

As a follow-up to October's National Bullying Prevention Month - Alex from Cerebral Palsy Guidance, provided a much-needed link to bullying and Cerebral Palsy special needs children and adults.  You'll find this excellent and informative website resource at the following link:

Thank you to Jordan at UKWristBands for providing a link to their webpage that provides an overview of bullying (UK) statistics, in addition to other information about the different types of bullying, the psychological effect of bullying, and what parents can do to help their children.

Thank you! to Lora for providing information about another terrific online guide for children, parents and teachers - which covers everything from mobile phones, smart TV's, social media, cyberbullying, and online predators.  This excellent, easy-to-understand online resource can be found at the following link:

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