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School Kids' Zone: Bullying & Cyber Bullying reported in the News


Rockhampton mother starts petition for removal of app that's "breeding suicides” and “a breeding ground for hate”.
12 January 2018

"I have been, scared, broken and sick to my stomach ever since I read messages about my 13-year-old daughter including, “I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF", said Australian mum, Katrina. Messages such as this were sent through an app called Sarahah, which can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and on Google Play. View petition here:

Bullying victim sues Brisbane Boy's College for $600k
10 February 2016

An elite Brisbane boys' school ignored a relentless three-year bullying campaign inflicted on a young student by classmates, according to the alleged victim, who is seeking $600,000 in damages. More

One in four UK teens victim to cyber bullying
08 February 2016

One in four British teenagers suffered abuse online in the last year, a major report has revealed. More

Napthine government to introduce sexting laws

21 August 2014

People who send or threaten to distribute explicit images without consent could soon be charged, with the Napthine government introducing Australia's first “sexting” offences into Parliament this week. More

Vermont Secondary College threatens to call in police if students use social media for bullying

19 August 2014

A school has threatened police action over students’ ­social media posts in a bid to prevent online bullying. More

13 yr-old comes up with scheme to tackle cyber-bullying

08 August 2014

In an effort to prevent cyber bulling, a 13 year-old girl has created a project that makes teens think twice about what they are posting, and rethink whether they actually want to send a potentially abusive message. More

One in five kids a victim of cyberbullying

06 August 2014

One in five children is a victim of online bullying in late primary school and early high school, but the face-to-face variety remains more common. That’s the key finding of a report commissioned by the federal government as it looks to bolster a plan to better police internet bullying. More

Bullying behaviour starting in children as young as age three

05 August 2014

Children aged as young as three are being identified as bullies amid concern many childcare centres and kindergartens aren’t doing enough to stamp out the problem. More

Parents and teachers don't notice bullied children
23 July 2014

Schoolyard bullying is as rife as it is undetected, with one in three youngsters being picked on in the playground — a fact unknown by parents and unreported by teachers, according to a new study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies. More

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