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School Kids' Zone: Interesting and Useful Links


Bullying Prevention Articles (

Kim Hart, an educational outreach writer with AAA STATE OF PLAY, mentor and mother, has recently been working on a series of safety articles related to children.

Kim has produced and gathered a number of excellent articles. The Guide to Bullying Prevention is a good resource with a lot of valuable links. Well worth a look.


Prepared by Lauren Bradshaw - this comprehensive guide is a 'must see'.

offers well laid out, important and useful information for parents, teachers, and family members on cyberbullying, what it is, the laws around it, and what adults can do to help prevent cyberbullying from happening.

Original Anti-Bullying Song and Video
'Stronger', by Megan Landry

A couple of years ago, Know Bull! received an email from a very talented (then) 15-year-old songwriter and singer named Megan, about an anti-bullying song she'd produced. We think it's exceptional.

Click here to watch Megan's song

FREE App designed to prevent Cyber Bullying

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) in the USA has produced an App, which they say can help prevent cyber bullying. Click here for more info.

VIDEO: cyberbu//y

Cyberbu//y (2011) is a television film about a teenage girl who is bullied online.

To view the full film (1 hr 27 mins) Click here. (link opens new window).

The Cyberbullying Research Centre has some excellent resources for Teens, Educators, and Parents.

Choose from
fact sheets, quizzes, activities youth can use to educate their communities about cyberbullying, crossword puzzles, games, various guides, and useful tips.

The site has a wealth of information, and is worth a visit.

notMYkid is an Arizona non-profit that sends young adult speakers out to local schools to speak on topics including substance abuse, bullying, depression/self-injury, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, and internet safety.  

Their website has some really good anti-bullying information and resources for children and parents.  

It’s located at and well worth a visit.

Cerebral Palsy and Bullying

Cerebral Palsy Guidance is a comprehensive informational website providing people with information about the complex condition of Cerebral Palsy. Their information ranges from lifestyle and medical to case studies and emerging treatments.

More information on bullying can be found directly via the above link. This is an excellent resource for recognising and combatting the effects of 'bullying' in relation to Cerebral Palsy.

Kids Helpline is a free 24 hour counselling service for Australian kids and young people aged 5-25 years. You can get help over the phone, email, or web.

ounsellors talk with more than 6,000 kids each week, and help with problems big and small. So if you need to talk to someone now, call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week., a web resource that provides information about addiction and mental health issues, has
recently published an educational guide about bullying and substance abuse titled:
Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Drugrehab notes that bullying is
a prominent risk factor for substance abuse and addiction,
and that
the person being bullied isn’t the only one at risk.

This is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and others that are interested in the effects of 'bullying'.

'NetAware' is an online collaboration between O2 and the UK-based, NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). NetAware's goal is to help parents explore and understand online life as kids know it.

It's a g
uide to the social networks kids use, so parents can stay up-to-date, and help their children "stay safe in today's digital world".

Also view the information on the social network sites kids use the most... ranked by popularity.

How to keep children safe online

Provided by Ozicare Insurance, this online resource contains information primarily
for parents wanting to know 'what they can do' to help their children have fun on the web and stay safe.  

Ozicare says that the Internet
can "pose risks for kids".

So they conducted research and identified s
ome "simple but effective steps" parents can take "to help children enjoy the benefits of the internet while avoiding the risks". is a team of VPN and cyber security experts who have come together to provide honest VPN reviews.

And in response to queries
from parents about child safety/security online and specifically how things like VPNs, proxies, IPs, etc. can help protect...a number of free, in-depth guides have been written.

Among these guides are two that may be particularly helpful for anyone interested in knowing more about securing their online privacy.
Click on the following links to see these guides.

Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label is one of the largest anti-bullyng charities in the world, and the force behind The Annual Bullying Survey (UK).

The latest survey for 2017 is available as a pdf: The Annual Bullying Survey 2017

Autism Anti-Bullying Guide

Located in Austin, Texas, Action Behavior Centers assist families with children on the autism spectrum.

In helping children to reach their full potential, Action Behavior Centers has produced an Autism Anti-Bullying Guide.

The Guide, which features the latest facts and statistics, expert tips, and national resources to help combat bullying in the autism community - can be found here: Autism Anti-Bullying Guide

Online Safety for Children and Teens

CyberInsureOne offers a comprehensive and informative guide for parents to assist in keeping children safe online.  

They provide some very sobering statistics about the frequency of children being exposed to internet dangers such as pornographic material, being solicited for sexual acts, online scams...and bullying.

We highly recommend CyberInsureOne's guide, which you'll find via this link: Online Safety for Children and Teens

Top10VPN is a cyber security website based in London. They monitor the latest developments in online privacy, provide ratings of popular services, and create professional guides to help protect and inform the public.

've created The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Child's Online Safety in 2018, which provides thorough advice on recent changes to the law and how to avoid online dangers including cyberbullying, malware, inappropriate content, and online predators. It's a great set of actionable tips for both parents and kids - and even guides parents through setting up parental controls on various devices. Well worth a visit!

The Street Furniture Company (a specialist provider of street and outdoor furniture across the UK) has created in-depth online resource to help parents keep children safe whilst letting them play outdoors.

The guide is called "How to Keep Children Safe in Public Spaces" and offers plenty of valuable information such as:

Why kids should be allowed to play outside - how outdoor play benefits children physically and socially, safety tips, and more.

Understanding the risks of outdoor play - including a risk assessment of public spaces (downloadable template included), plus how to talk to your kids about safety and danger.

Tips and advice from experts for families to ensure spending time outside and in public spaces can be as safe and enjoyable as possible.

iew the full guide via the above link.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has produced an interesting guide for schools, teachers and parents called,  “How to Identify Hazards in the School” which highlights plenty of valuable information such as:

The key responsibilities, and legal obligations, of educational institutions in ensuring the day-to-day health and safety of their pupils and school staff.
Information about health and safety awareness in school activities such as school trips or sports).
Advice on increasing awareness of school bullying, violence and assault.
Other helpful tools and resources in the teaching of effective safety education to maintain a safe school environment for children.

The guide is available from the in-text link above.

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