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How Organisations can participate in Know Bull! Day

Know Bull! Day

Because of the devastating human and organisational (productivity) cost of workplace bullying — there are no soft words for organisations that simply turn a 'blind eye', or choose to 'sit on the fence'. Nor is there such thing as 'neutral ground', when it comes to this highly destructive workplace behaviour.  In other words, if an organisation is not part of the solution — they're part of the problem.

The findings of Know Bull! research reveals:

  • that an 'active' bully exists in 66.6% of workplacesand this bully is more likely to be a 'boss';

  • that both workplace bully 'targets' and 'witnesses' to workplace bullying experience reduced productivity of 50-70% and 10-40% respectively;

  • and that 7 out of 10 (both 'targets' and 'witnesses') leave their job due to workplace bullying.

Considering the above, t
he financial imperative for organisations ridding themselves of workplace bullies becomes a little clearer. Standing up to bullying in the workplace — is not an admission that workplace bullying is occurring. Rather, it's a highly visible sign that an organisation is prepared to 'step up to the plate' and implement management 'best practice' in ensuring the health, safety and respect of all employees.  

Don't sit on the fence...
As an organisation or company you can demonstrate your commitment to fostering safe and respectful workplaces, by taking part in this month-long campaign of awareness and action.  

As for suggestions...

  • Organisations could participate in Workplace Bullying Awareness Month (throughout June), by presenting a series of talks at regular organisational/company meetings in the lead up to, or following Know Bull! Day (held annually on 3rd June)

  • Review current organisational workplace bullying policies and procedures — update where necessary, and promote the outcomes of updates to all staff;

  • Conduct a poll/questionnaire in your organisation to establish whether or not workplace bullying exists, and if so, to what degree (implement steps to remedy);

  • Have an anti-bullying presentation (Powerpoint or otherwise) — then follow with a morning tea.

  • Place articles or 'spot ads' in company newsletters and journals about workplace bullying and its impact on both  employees and the 'bottom line', and remind people of the contents of your organisational anti-bullying policies. Also remind people of the procedural steps your organisation has in place for handling bullying complaints, should they arise. Note that with the introduction of the National Anti-Bullying laws (Australia) 01 Jan 2014, regularly promulgating these messages is a requirement.

  • See KB Corporate menu for 'general' workplace posters for download

2019 Posters

Choice of FREE posters
to promote Know Bull! Day (03 June 2019), and Workplace Bullying Awareness Month (June). The posters will open in a new window — just 'Save' your choices to your desktop.  

1-page Questionnaire
To get an idea of the current 'health' of your company/organisation, DOWNLOAD and administer our FREE 1-page questionnaire: Are you being targeted by a workplace bully?  The KB Corporate page has more information about the Questionnaire.

Powerpoint Presentation
DOWNLOAD (right click and 'save') the FREE, Know Bull! Day PowerPoint Presentation (284kb) for viewing at staff meetings and such. See the KB Corporate page for more information.

Speaker's Notes for Powerpoint Presentation

DOWNLOAD the Speaker's Notes for the Know Bull! Day PowerPoint Presentation (pdf 996kb).

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