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Name Your Workplace 'Bully'

Know Bull! keeps a fairly extensive database of workplace bullies, and toxic workplaces. And we encourage those who have been affected by workplace bullying, either directly or indirectly, to add the name and business details of a workplace 'Bully' to our database. 

The information we require: 

1. The Full Name of your 'Bully'
. The Bully's Job Title
. The Bully's Company Name and Company Address
. How many years this Bully has been operating
. How many staff have left due to this bully (Include job titles of these staff)
. Plus any additional information about the Bully you deem relevant (e.g. fake credentials, embezzlement, and any 'proof' to support claims, etc)

the above information in an email and send to Know Bull! 

Please Note:
Any information provided by you is kept confidential.  All 'identifying' information with regard to your email is removed once the 'Bully' details are added to the database. The only details we keep, is the information relevant to the 'bully'.

The purpose of collecting workplace bully data

This data collection serves a number of purposes. As a target or witness to workplace bullying you get the opportunity to provide specific details without fearing an escalation of bullying behaviours, or bully 'retribution'.

Further, this information allows Know Bull! to track popular bullying behaviours and trends...which means we are better placed to develop more targeted, and effective strategic options for eradicating bullying from workplaces.

Finally, this data assists Know Bull! in identifying gaps in our knowledge base, and therefore provides direction for our Poll and Survey questions.

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