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Media Release 24 May 2012: Making an Impact - Australia's National Anti-Bullying Day Enters 4th Year

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Making an Impact - Australia’s National Workplace Anti-Bullying Day Enters 4th Year

Know Bull! Day, Australia’s National Workplace Anti-Bullying Day, enters its fourth year on 03 June 2012.  And with a following that extends across small and large businesses, private and public sector organisations, non-profits, and individuals - Know Bull! Day is making an impact, says Ms Jennifer Wilkins, the founder of Know Bull!

"Every year we see more organisations and individuals taking part in Know Bull! Day, and it's extremely encouraging. But more than that it means organisations are recognising the human toll of workplace bullying, and just how costly workplace bullies are on productivity, staff turnover, workplace morale, and organisational reputation," Ms Wilkins said.

As an adjunct to Know Bull! Day, ‘Workplace Bullying Awareness Month’ was established in 2010 to provide organisations and individuals with some flexibility in implementing their anti- bullying workplace events.

“Not all organisations and individuals can hold events on a particular day, simply because of other commitments they may have. It just made sense to incorporate the entire month of June so organisations and individuals could work their Bullying Awareness plans and activities around their existing workplace agendas.” Ms Wilkins said.

Despite the continued growth in awareness about the damaging effects of workplace bullying, many organisations are either failing to address it, or worse, simply ignoring it. 

"Unfortunately, many companies and organisations still view workplace bullying as a relatively minor personnel 'issue' and are under the impression that if they ignore it long enough it will simply go away." Ms Wilkins continued, "But far from going away, it gets worse. And before too long these companies and organisations find themselves haemorrhaging staff...and not just any staff, but brightest and the best".

Workplace bullying needs to be seen and treated as more than just a minor personnel issue.

"Further, since workplace bullying and occupational violence create unsafe working environments and pose a risk to employees' health, employers' obligations under Australian Occupational Health & Safety legislation extend to eliminating or reducing the risk of bullying, harassment, and violence in their workplaces. So those companies and organisations that choose to take no action in addressing workplace bullying, are actually choosing to ignore a specific statutory duty to  protect their employees' health, safety and welfare. Far from being a minor personnel issue, workplace bullying should be viewed and treated for what it a risk management issue," Ms Wilkins stated.

Ms Wilkins commented that there will always be a need for Know Bull! Day as long as companies and organisations continued to ignore their statutory duties and expose their employees to unsafe working environments.

“Know Bull! Day has never been about vilifying workplace bullies”, says Ms Wilkins, “it's about raising awareness of, and promoting the need for safe and respectful workplaces through the eradication of workplace bullying.”

Know Bull! supports individuals and organisations in their workplace bullying awareness endeavours by providing a range of free resources for download from their website.


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