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Media Release 02 June 2011: Australia's National Anti-Bullying Day Enters 3rd Year

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Australia’s National Anti-Bullying Day Enters 3rd Year

Know Bull! Day, Australia’s National Anti-Bullying Day, enters its third year on 03 June 2011. The day itself, and indeed the whole month of June which has been dedicated to ‘Workplace Bullying Awareness Month’, has grown in reach with each successive year, says Ms Jennifer Wilkins, the founder of Know Bull!

“Know Bull! Day is not about vilifying workplace bullies”, says Ms Wilkins, “it's about raising awareness of, and promoting the need for safe and respectful workplaces through the eradication of workplace bullying. Unfortunately, where there's a lack of respect in workplaces, you'll find workplace bullying.”

According to Ms Wilkins, ‘Workplace Bullying Awareness Month’ was established in 2010 to provide organisations and individuals with some flexibility in implementing their anti-workplace bullying events.

“Not all organisations and individuals can hold events on a particular day, simply because of other commitments they may have. It just made sense to set aside the entire month of June so organisations and individuals could work their Bullying Awareness plans around their existing workplace agendas.” Ms Wilkins said.

All manner of events are planned for Know Bull! Day, ranging from presentations, to talks and discussions, to staff get-togethers.

“We often hear how individuals and organisations plan on raising awareness” Ms Wilkins continued, “We know there's an awful lot of presentations going to take place, many are meeting to discuss overhauling their workplace policies and procedures, while even more are planning morning teas and other staff events. Along with other plans, one fairly large organisation plans on having a morning tea with a large cake bearing the Know Bull sounds like its going to be a good day. And this essentially, is what Know Bull! Day is's about getting people together, getting them thinking, talking, and planning...about a workplace issue that can sometimes be very difficult to grapple with.”

Know Bull! supports individuals and organisations in their workplace bullying awareness endeavours by providing a range of free resources for download from their website.

“There's posters, and a PowerPoint Presentation and Speaker's Notes, A questionnaire for those that wish to assess to what extent workplace bullying may, or may not exist in their workplaces, and workplace bullying facts, statistics and research for those wanting to develop their own presentations. And a new presentation will be also be uploaded in the coming days to support ‘Bullying Awareness Month’...and we don’t mind if people re-badge the material to fit their specific, corporate look. Plus we also have a variety of lapel badges, mouse mats and coffee cups that we sell in our online store that carry a range of messages about safe and respectful workplaces and workplace bullying. This is how Know Bull! came into being...and it's reflected in our tagline, Beating Workplace design!

Few workplace bully 'targets' are able to speak up about the toxicity in their workplaces, and even fewer obtain the support of co-workers while they're going through some of the darkest times of their working lives.

“This is where Know Bull! really steps up to the plate,” said Ms Wilkins. “It's all well and good to say to people to 'speak up', but the reality is many can't, simply because they've so badly beaten in the workplace. These items, the ones in our online store, provide a passive means of getting their personal message about workplace bullying out there, and into the workplace. Essentially, these items do the speaking for those who can’t.” 

“There's only a $1 profit margin on each item...that's all, and those funds support the ongoing and maintenance costs associated with running the Know Bull! website. Other than that, Know Bull! is totally self-funded, independent, and not affiliated with any other organisation. We're not out there flogging paraphernalia in order to profit from the misery of working people,” Ms Wilkins concluded, “Our mission is in our tagline, and our primary goal is assisting workplace bully targets, but in doing this we also consult with organisations on remedying workplace bullying situations, because this is where workplace bullying gets its foothold...within organisations that have a culture that fosters, supports and protects workplace bullies.” 


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