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Know Bull! Day (held annually 3rd June)

Know Bull! Day

Australia's national workplace anti-bullying day (Know Bull! Day) was designed to raise awareness of, and highlight the need for promoting safe and respectful workplaces through the eradication of bullying.  Both individuals and businesses can show their support for this initiative by taking part in the 11th annual Know Bull! Day on 03 June 2019, and throughout June during Workplace Bullying Awareness Month.   

Why a national, anti-bullying day is necessary...

The stark reality is that no organisation, company, or business can afford to ignore, or
is immune from bullying in the workplace.  Although information about bullying within the confines of the work environment has been available for some time — far from reducing in prevalence — research and statistics reveal that it's on the increase; largely 'unaddressed'; and wreaking 'havoc' on staff, and company and organisational productivity (see Facts and Stats page for further information). 

The 'cost' of keeping a serial bully in the workplace far outweighs any 'perceived' benefit.  The results of their actions are said to be a key factor in up to 100 million days' sick leave absences in UK and £18bn every year; they affect about 71.5 million workers and cost US workplaces around $74 billion annually; while business in Australia is estimated to be affected to the tune of $6 billion to $36 billion a year.  The actions of just one serial bully in the workplace has the potential to reduce the performance of their targets by half, and that of other employees by up to 33%.  And to make matters worse a company or organisation that has no enforceable policy or procedure in place that provides employees with a means to tackle bullying and harassment — could find themselves in court defending a contractual breach of the duty of care (see Facts and Stats page).

The 'bottom line' is the 'bottom line'.  It makes good economic sense for workplaces to rid themselves of bullies, and to (re)shape organisational cultures that provide no safe harbours for their bullying activities. 

Don't sit on the fence

Know Bull! encourages both individuals and businesses to demonstrate their commitment to fostering safe and respectful workplaces by taking part in this national day of awareness and action, and by promoting anti-bullying within the workplace throughout the month of June.

To find out how you can demonstrate this commitment, click on the links under the Know Bull! Day menu.

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