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  • Not too sure where to start to meet the requirements of the new Australian anti-bullying laws? To make things easier for smaller businesses, Know Bull! has prepared a few A4 posters for employers to use in the workplace. With time we'll add a few more. The new laws mean that, organisations, for the first time, will be subject to the powers of the Fair Work Commission, as well as work health and safety (WHS) regulators for workplace bullying. Companies who would like to find out more information about the new anti-bullying laws are ecouraged to visit the Fair Work Commission's website.   

About the A4 posters:
1.  These are 'general' workplace anti-bullying posters. They are suitable as an 'every day' poster, to remind staff about the new anti-bullying legislation.
2.  Scroll through the images on the right to select desired poster. Click on the poster image you want to download. The selected poster will open in a new window. Save the poster to your computer.
3.  These A4 posters are FREE to download.

  • If you suspect there might be a 'bully' in your workplace, but don't know where to start, download and administer our 1-page questionnaire: "Are you being targeted by a workplace bully?" to get an idea of the current 'health' of your company/organisation.  

About the 1-page Questionnaire:
1.  It’s not until people see a ‘list’ of behaviours being perpetrated against them - that they realise they could be the ‘target’ of a workplace bully. 
2.  The questionnaire is by no means a definitive list of bullying behaviours; however, it does outline the most ‘used’ and ‘prominent’ behaviours that bullies employ against their chosen targets. 
3.  Not only is the questionnaire an invaluable tool for assessing the current health of your company/organisation - it provides a 'benchmark' in the event a workplace bully 'problem' is revealed. Once you've embarked on a workplace anti-bullying campaign - the survey can be re-administered at a later date to check the progress/success of your anti-bullying campaign.
4.  Just print and distribute questionnaire with blank envelopes to enclose completed questionnaire. Ensure absolute anonymity for respondents in order to get an accurate 'picture' of the health of the company/organisation.
5.  Collate results from completed questionnaires to establish what shape your company
is in.
6.  The questionnaire is FREE to download.

DOWNLOAD: Questionnaire - Are you being targeted by a workplace bully?
pdf (390kb)  Note: Questionnaire opens in new window. Just select 'Save'.

  • Article of possible interest: Psychopath in the corner office: The CEO bully

About the article:
We've included this article because there are very strong messages and questions that arise from this example that business owners need to heed. It's not just the workplace bullying companies need to be concerned about. It's the fact that where bullying too will other deviant behaviours...the type of behaviours that can literally ruin a company financially. And while the workplace bully remains in the workplace that ‘risk’ will never go away. One of the key questions business owners should be asking is: Knowing the prevalence of 'bully bosses' and their 'mobs'...Is the CEO, COO, Managing Director, etc really worthy of that 6-figure salary and generous bonus scheme...or do you have a potentially enormous lawsuit sitting in that corner office?

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  • Are you looking for Workplace Bullying Facts, Statistics and Information to prepare a paper or presentation? Know Bull! has a 'facts and statistics' web page, and a 17-page Survey Report titled, Extent and Effects of Workplace Bullying, 2010'. There's also a 'Quick Poll' data available, and a variety of information contained elsewhere on the Know Bull! website. Use the search tool at the top of each web page if you're looking for something specific.

About the Survey Report:
1.  This research conducted by Know Bull! not only supports current workplace bullying findings, but reveals the various health effects of workplace bullying; the 'preferred' strategies and tactics of workplace bullies; and includes discussion about workplace bullying being re-classified as a 'crime'.
2.  The Report is FREE to download. 

DOWNLOAD: 17-page Survey Report -  Extent & Effects of Workplace Bullying Survey Report, 2010 pdf (266kb)  Note: Report opens in new window. Just select 'Save'.
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JUMP TO:  Previous Poll & Survey Results 
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  • Have you been tasked with the responsibility to provide an anti-bullying presentation at work and don't know where to begin? Perhaps you suspect workplace bullying is occurring in your workplace and feel the need to address the situation before it gets out of hand? Then download the following anti-bullying PowerPoint presentation and accompanying Speaker's Notes.

About the anti-bullying PowerPoint presentation:
1.  The presentation is prepared to support 'Know Bull! Day' - a National workplace anti-bullying day in Australia - but it's suitable for viewing any time an anti-bullying speech/presentation is required. 
2.  The presentation makes reference to Australian and global workplace bullying statistics and information.
3.  The presentation is very easy to use.  The Speaker's Notes contain instructions on when to advance the timed slides that correspond precisely with what's being said by the speaker.
4.  Previous presentations have been downloaded more than 17,800 times, and are being used on intranets and in workplaces in Australia and around the globe - from Medical and Healthcare facilities to... factories... foreign banking groups... various Government bodies and departments... educational institutions... and the list goes on.
5.  The presentation and speaker's notes are FREE to download.
6.  Hint:
To view the presentation as a 'Slide Show' just select 'View'...then select 'Slide Show'. Alternatively, select the F5 key to view as Slide Show.
7.  We don't mind if you 're-brand'/'co-brand' the presentation to match your corporate look, however if you do, a small credit at the tail-end of the finished presentation would be appreciated.

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