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How Individuals can participate in Know Bull! Day

Know Bull! Day

Bullying in the workplace is increasing on a global scale, and the workplace bully literature and research reveal some very disturbing facts about its prevalence and effects. Even as far back as 2005, Australian data revealed that workplace bullying was costing business around $6-36 billion annually in absenteeism, stress leave, staff turnover, recruitment costs, and lost productivity; while more recent research in the US (by the Workplace Bullying Institute [WBI]) found that "Bullying is 4 (four) times more prevalent than illegal, discriminatory harassment," which includes such things as discrimination due to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, or age. 

The most salient findings of the WBI Workplace Bullying Survey were
that "Bullies bully with near impunity", while "Targets lose their jobs to make the bullying stop in 77% of cases." 

Further, research conducted by Know Bull! in 2010 not only supported the WBI findings, but revealed alarming information about staff suicide resulting from the effects of workplace bullying. Other findings revealed that an 'active' bully existed in two thirds of Australian workplaces; that this bully was more likely to be a 'boss'; and that in 25 per cent of bully cases, the bully did not act aloneaccomplices were involved (mobbing).

Unfortunately, the workplace bully literature suggests "that the worse an offender a workplace bully is, the harder they can be to cure", and that it may even be impossible for them to learn how to mitigate, or control their behaviour when their behaviour is reinforced by their employer ignoring the 'damage' they cause, or worse still - by being given 'rewards' such as promotion and salary bonuses. 

Sadly, it's generally the most competent, and well-rounded staff who find themselves as the 'target' of a workplace bully. Typical 'targets' of workplace bullies are generally ethical, independent, fair, well-liked, intelligent and self-assured. And research is increasingly finding that workplace bullies select these individuals for no other reason than the bully perceives them as a 'threat'.  

There are a number of ways you can participate in
'Workplace Bullying Awareness Month' (June), and Know Bull! Day (held annually on 3rd June).  Your participation can either be 'passive', or 'active' - ranging from forwarding this website page to a colleague or friend - to making an anonymous report to the senior management of your organisation.

'Workplace Bullying Awareness Month', and Know Bull! Day is your chance to become part of the workplace bullying 'solution'. If you, or someone you know is being targeted by a workplace 'bully' make the choice to not  sit on the fence. 

As for suggestions...

  • If you know of a co-worker, or friend that the current 'target' of a workplace bully—open a blank email, copy the url of this web page, put in their email address, and send it to them.

  • Notify your senior managers, or board if there's an active bully in the workplace. It doesn't have to be a formal complaint—you could even notify them anonymously. At least make them aware of the 'problem', the 'new' anti-bullying legislation, and the financial 'costs' of keeping the bully.
  • Consider 'naming' your workplace bully. For more information, go to our Name Your Workplace Bully web page.

2019 Posters

Choice of FREE posters to promote Know Bull! Day (03 June 2018), and Workplace Bullying Awareness Month (June). The posters will open in a new window — just 'Save' your choices to your desktop.

1-page Questionnaire
Not too sure if you’re the ‘target’ of a workplace bully? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. DOWNLOAD our FREE 1-page questionnaire: Are you being targeted by a workplace bully?  The KB Corporate page has more information about the Questionnaire.

Workplace Bully Diary Form
The importance of recording workplace bullying events in a concise and consistent format can never be underestimated.  In order to make the task a little easier, Know Bull! has created an online Workplace Bullying Diary Form. DOWNLOAD, fill it in, and print a copy for your records. You can also email it to yourself for records as well. Click here to see a sample of a completed Bully Diary Form.

Vote in Know Bull! Polls

Contribute to increasing awareness of workplace bullying by voting in Know Bull! quick polls (when available on this website), or contribute your workplace bullying story.

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