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Welcome to Know Bull! ...the website that founded Australia's national workplace anti-bullying day

When the Know Bull! website was launched in 2007...we were a little 'ahead of our time'. Back then, there was the occasional media story about workplace bullying and a few good, international anti-bullying websites...but not much more.  Looking back, it seems there was actually a 'disinterest' in workplace-related bullying - especially within the media.  Know Bull! saw it differently and considered bullying as a serious workplace health and safety issue not  only affecting staff...but also undermining the profits of companies and organisations. It wasn't long before our Inbox indicated that workplace bullying was indeed  set to become one of those 'issues' that wasn't going away in a hurry.  [To continue reading, go to the About menu.]

General Workplace Bullying Awareness Posters
A few 'general' anti-bullying posters for everyday use - to assist companies comply with Australia's anti-bullying legislation, are available free for download under the KB Corporate menu.

Articles and Useful Information about Workplace Bullying
Under the Resources menu, there's a link to an index of articles and useful information. Here you'll find links to articles, media releases, and links to video and audio presentations.

Legal Resources for Workplace Bully 'targets'
While Know Bull! does not offer professional legal advice, website vistors who are seeking a legal remedy to their workplace bullying situation can access a webpage where the contact details of a small number of Australian legal firms are listed. These firms specialise in compensation and personal injury law.

News from Know Bull!

Guides for parents to help keep children safe while online

For p
arents (or anyone) interested in child safety/security online and specifically how things like VPNs, proxies, IPs, etc. can help protect you, we highly recommend these free, in-depth guides: E-Safety and Privacy: Proxy vs. VPN, and Cyber Privacy: Hide Your IP

The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet is a very easy to understand guide. It's applicable and a highly recommended for resource for both parents and teachers.

Cyber Bullying: The Definitive Guide for Educators, Parents, and Family Members  
This well researched and comprehensive guide offers important and useful information for parents, teachers, and family members.

Latest (Global) Bullying News

Click on the link
to view the latest news and information on the internet about bullying (opens new window).

Know Bull! Day Posters

Know Bull Day! is held annually on 3rd June. FREE A4 posters are available on this website.

Name your Workplace 'Bully'

If you've been
affected by workplace bullying, consider adding the name of your 'Bully' to our database.

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