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Current Poll: Deviant Behaviours and the Workplace Bully


A while ago, while conducting some web research, the Know Bull! team came across an interesting article titled, Find Deviant Behaviors, Find Fraud? published on the web site of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The author was looking at a possible correlation between "Human Resource issues" (such as harassment and bullying) as an indicator of "worse crime" (such as fraud); and how focussing on deviant behaviours in the workplace could lead to a significant improvement in the "ability to uncover fraud".

Know Bull! team had formed a similar premise: That where workplace bullying exists, so too does other 'types' of deviant behaviour. In other words, the workplace bully doesn't just stop at bullying. Of course this has ramifications for organisations when it comes to assessing risk, and the potential for litigation.

What we found over the years, is that our
workplace bullying files contained 'additional' examples of deviant 100% of our cases. Just to make sure you didn't miss that statement we'll repeat it: In 100% of bullying cases there existed other types of 'deviant' behaviour in addition to the workplace bullying. Aside from this, we also discovered that the further up the 'organisational tree' the workplace bully is...the greater the variety and degree of deviant behaviours.

So what do we mean when we say 'deviant behaviours'?

We found the more 'common' deviant behaviours exhibited by workplace bullies included: accessing and viewing porn on workplace computers; sexual harassment; extra-marital affairs; fraud; theft of Intellectual Property, and alcohol/drug dependency. 

About the Poll/s

Because of the degree and varierty of deviant behaviours amongst workplace bullies, w
e decided to divide this poll into 2 distinct categories: One for the Bully CEO (also Managing Director, Chairman, etc), and the other for the Bully Senior Manager (e.g. Head of Finance, Marketing Director, etc).  

Click on the following links to access the polls,
and thank you to those who participate.

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