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In 2007, when Know Bull! began, we were aware that the workplace bully causes immeasurable harm to 'targets' — both emotionally and physically. Persistent and ongoing bully 'attacks', means that just being able to 'survive' the work day —becomes the target's #1 priority. All too often 'targets' are expected to solve a problem they didn't create, nor invite...a problem that can rarely be solved without addressing the culture of an organisation.

When bullying behaviours are firmly entrenched in the workplace culture, bully retaliation is a real possibility. Once the bullying behaviour begins— others in the workplace are unable/unwilling to offer support to the 'target', for fear of becoming targets themselves. Although 'targets' seek ways to stop the bullying behaviour, without the support of management and co-workers, the task proves nearly impossible.

The dilemma as we saw it, was how to assist bully 'targets' raise awareness of, and tackle workplace bullying...yet without adding to the burdens they were already carrying? We struck on the idea of employing 'design' (graphics/images/cartoons/text/etc) to everyday office items and apparel, and making these products available in our online store.  Hence the tag: design.

Our intention was (and still is), to provide the bully 'target' (or those interested in preventing workplace bullying), with a low-effort way to raise bullying and anti-bullying awareness.  Even something as ordinary as a workplace coffee mug or water bottle, can become a powerful tool —with the appropriate anti-bullying slogan/message on

A lot of targets choose to display a 'general purpose' message about supporting healthy workplace environments, while some have requested we make an item with a specific anti-bullying message that only  has relevance/meaning to a particular bully they have in mind. Either way, Know Bull! is happy to assist with these design requests, or placing a design on an product item that we haven't listed i.e. greeting cards, iPhone cover, wall calendars, tote bag, fridge magnet, etc.  

Maybe you know a work colleague, or a loved one who is starting a new job. Consider 'empowering' them from their very first day with a unidque gift bearing an anti-bullying message.

Unique anti-bullying Mugs
And if you're feeling game...or just looking for a 'special' gift that will definitely raise 'awareness' about workplace bullyingconsider purchasing a coffee/tea mug. We only have a few designs (at the moment). They aren't exactly 'politically correct'...but then again...neither is workplace bullying! Click on the image for detailed view. All mugs come in a small and a large size, and can be purchased from the Know Bull! online store.

NOTE: Products in the Online Store are made individually, so plan on ordering your item around 6 weeks before you need it.

Know Bull! Day Buttons
A sample of Know Bull! Day buttons. Visit the online store to view all designs.

Aside from Know Bull! products being high-quality items - they're also reasonably priced. Our profit margin is very small (10c to $1 per item most items), and goes towards the cost of maintaining Know Bull!s online presence.

About Know Bull!s Online Store
Please note the online store is currently undergoing an upgrade.

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