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ARTICLE: The psychopath in the corner office: The CEO Bully

The following article is an
example from our 'bully files'. It's the result of an old interview that was conducted with a bully 'target', who'd been subjected to workplace bullying and mobbing, by the target's CEO. This is NOT an article about the worst example of workplace bullying we've come's an example of what workplace bullies normally do...i.e this is an average case of CEO-driven workplace bullying.

What sets this article apart, is that it contains copies of the relevant 'proof' that was supplied at the time. These were paper copies, and they have aged over time. And that's one of the reasons we've decided to include it – because it pre-dates any existing statistics, or facts about workplace bullying...yet it shows current research into workplace bullying to be extremely accurate.

For example, current research by Know Bull! and others show that around 65% of workplaces have an 'active' bully, and 1 out of 2 of those workplace bullies will be a 'boss' such as a Manager, Senior Manager, or CEO/Executive Director. Of those ‘boss bullies’ 83.3% don’t act alone – preferring to operate as a bully group, or ‘mob’.

When considering the requirements of Australian Anti-Bullying legislation –  that organisations and companies need
to have plans in place to deal with workplace bullying – those plans also need to take into account how organisations intend dealing with situations of the CEO workplace bully.  The imperative for addressing this specific risk is – that any plans to implement a workplace bully solution can only be effective when there's a top-down approach. And if you don't  have buy-in from your CEO etc – those plans are doomed to failure.

There are very strong messages and questions that arise from this example that business owners need to heed. One of the key questions business owners should be asking is:
Knowing the prevalence of 'bully bosses' and their 'mobs'...Is the CEO, Executive Director, Managing Director, etc really worthy of that 6-figure salary and generous bonus scheme...or do you have a potentially enormous lawsuit sitting in that corner office?

Bearing that in mind, we decided it's about time those organisations that harbour workplace bullies see exactly how these people operate in the workplace, and how they routinely use 'the system' such as Performance Reviews, Performance Improvement Plans etc to carry out their twisted objectives to 'conceal' their inadequacy for the jobs they occupy. Needless to say we've removed all personal/organisational data from the proof.

It's not just the workplace bullying companies need to be concerned about. It's the fact that where bullying too will other deviant behaviours...the type of behaviours that can literally ruin a company financially. And while the workplace bully remains in the workplace that ‘risk’ will never go away.

WARNING: This bully article contains proof of both sexual and financial deviant behaviours. And it should be a wake up call to managing boards etc who have no idea what's occurring in their workplaces. And while we've included the tamest proof examples available, we are compelled to warn readers that the content is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

About the Article

The article was derived from an interview with the target, that took place after the receipt of a package of 'proof'. It involves the details of a (female) executive, who was subjected to workplace bullying by the CEO (male), an Admin Assistant (female), and various bully supporters and enablers.

The CEO spent his day viewing pornographic material (mainly involving animals, young children and teenagers) on his computer, long visits with his mistress in his office, and ingratiating himself with a local political party for his own personal pursuits. He also instigated the theft of a competitor's intellectual property, after the competitor had invested in excess of $1 million in research.

It was 'expected' that office staff would 'cover up' this CEOs constant indiscretions...including side-tracking his wife if she happened to visit the workplace while the CEO was entertaining his mistress. Being a person of sound moral virtues...the (female) executive declined to do so, and the workplace bullying began in earnest.

The CEO attempted to coerce the members of the Boards and Committees
the (female) executive managed, to make 'official' complaints about her 'work performance', and he increased her workload with all manner of 'redundant' tasks, while withdrawing resources at the same time.

To meet these additional tasks the target's average 60 hours per week workload blew out to an astronomical 125+ hours a week! There was the constant threat of dismissal if she didn't meet the requirements of the 'redundant' tasks. She was worked to the point where she became so ill, she was admitted to intensive care after work one night - pending a heart attack...only to be told by her CEO the following morning that "if she didn't discharge herself from hospital that very minute...she wouldn't have a job to go back to".

The (female) executive left the workplace with no letter of reference, no money, and diagnosed with Glandular Fever, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

What needs to be emphasised here, is that this employee had an impeccable work record, and a very good work ethic. She put herself through university and earned two BA Degrees, while working to support herself and her daughter after her husband died suddenly.  She was experienced, had the utmost respect for her co-workers, and loved the work that she did. She was what is known as a consumate professional, and all-round 'nice' person.

As for the CEO workplace bully...he now occupies a CEO role in Melbourne, Australia, and has been appointed to a business advisory group. And like all 'practiced' workplace bullies...he's probably doing exactly the same things there too.


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