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ARTICLE: "Thrive, Survive, or Skinned-Alive" Opinion piece on non-PC ways of tackling youth bullying

by Jennifer Wilkins, Founder of Know Bull!

Know Bull! recently posted comments in response to an article about a cyber-bullying related suicide of a young Australian girl, and the responses were censored out of existence within minutes.  Even though it was a mediocre online publication, the question remains - Why? The most logical answer is presumably because the comments weren't 'PC enough'. Doggedly persuing 'political correctness' at all costs, is nothing more than a war against common sense and objectivity. And the first casualty of any war - is Truth.

In reality...there are steps that loving parents, grand-parents and other care-givers can take to minimize this risk.

It's incredibly sad that a young girl lost her life due to bullying
, and there's no words on this planet that can undo what has occurred. But how many more are going to follow? Question is: How many lives will it take to satiate the social media gate-keepers in their quest to 'sanitize' all thought and opinion?

What was so 'offensive'?

1. In the comments section of said arti
cle a contributor asked: why can't the bullies be outed?

And the response was basically:

Because they're a 'protected' species. Card-carrying members of the 'feels club' have deemed that it's politically incorrect to 'out them' because of the potential harm to the psyche of these little darlings. The problem is, if they're left unchecked, they'll carry their bullying ways into the workplace. Once there, these workplace psychopaths are STILL considered a 'protected' species due to our legal system - specifically under legislation governing 'libel' and 'slander'. There's a saying: "The greater the truth, the greater the libel". It doesn't matter that you would be telling the truth - you would pay a severe penalty because of that truth.

2. In the final comment a contributor suggested something like: teaching kids to be kind to one another was the way to go, and then when the child experiences bullying they should understand that it's not them...but it's because (in a nutshell) the bully has a lot of hurt inside.

And the response went something like this:

There's nothing wrong with teaching children kindness. But teaching a kid to fend off a bully by 'understanding' they're just a mass of hurt on the the same as trying to scrape barnacles off the bottom of a boat with a piece of's going to be an epic fail. And putting this into practice literally 'guarantees' that a kid will get pounded into the ground...repeatedly. School bullies will generally bully those children they 'perceive' as 'weak'.

When young people practice bullying, it's not about 'internal''s about 'gratification' and 'reward'. By all means teach your children about kindness and respect in their interactions with others...but also get them kick boxing lessons - both boys and  girls.

It's healthy self esteem (and reputation) that assists kids in fending off the bullies...and it's not about violence. It's about an otherwise potential 'target' getting themselves off, or never even finding themselves, on the 'weak' list. Kids who do some type of self defence generally don't get targetted, because the school grapevine knows which kids can take care of themselves. Bullies may be opportunistic - but they're not likely to risk potential humiliation of being tarred by a kid who is perceived as being 'weaker'.

What can you do to help young people avoid the bullies?

Educate yourself
Aside from self defence lessons - which are great for health as well as self-esteem - educate yourself on the various forms of bullying that's out there. Know Bull! regularly hears from young people around the globe - who provide suggestions for anti-bullying resources for other children and their parents/carers. You'll find these under our School Kids Zone.

Keep the communication lines open
A number of children have emailed us saying that they read through articles linked in this website, with their parents, grandparents, school advisors, teachers, and after-school program coordinators...and then they discuss the contents in detail.

Immediately address bullying if it occurs
Children rely on their parents and other adult figures to keep them safe. Please be worthy of that trust, and deal with school bullying immediately - once you find out it's occurring. Even adults find it almost impossible to deal with workplace bullying on their own. Support, caring, and action are crucial in resolving any bullying situation.

Teach your children to be resilient
Know Bull! we receive emails about suicides that eminate from bullying, and we're painfully aware of the damage and the hurt being done to families. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics information published on the Head Space website: "In 2015 [the latest available figures], suicide was the leading cause of death of children between 5 and 17 years of age." However, as the youth suicide rate continues to climb - we find ourselves wondering if the ever-increasing oppression and dogma of political correctness in its many forms is playing a role in that increase?

The reality of life is that there will  be a few bumps along the way...and that's normal. If every child expects to get a medal...where's the incentive to strive, let alone to ability to cope with the occasional disappointments that life will invariably send their way? And if you raise a child to believe that 'feelings' are the same as 'facts', and that they require 'safe spaces' just to cope with something as trivial as hearing an opinion that differs to theirs - can we then be surprised that they can't cope with 'life'? Yes, aside from being kept safe, they need boundaries when it comes to how to, and not to treat others. But they also need to learn kindness in conjuction with resilience (which is not to be confused with toughness/toughening up), because this
can be the deciding factor in whether your child thrives, survives, or gets skinned alive when confronted with bullying.

[11 January 2018]

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